NP8 - enterprise media distribution on Drupal 8

Janez Urevc / @slashrsm /

Janez Urevc (@slashrsm)

  • senior engineer and team lead at MD Systems
  • Active member of Drupal community since 2009
  • Lead of the D8 media initiative
  • ex

Biggest company contributor

  • our CTO (@berdir) is nr. D8 contributor
  • D8 expert
  • D8 media expert - lots of media clients
  • Services include: Full projects, site audits, bootstrap weeks, support/consulting, architecture planning, ...


Remote: Office not required

I am always happy to help!

Contents of the session

  • What is NP8?
  • (Non-standard) open source model
  • Community involvement
  • Live websites on NP8
  • Features
  • Demo
  • Q&A

What is NP8

Enterprise Drupal 8 distribution aimed at the media/publishing companies.

Project goal

Build a reusable platform.

For a closed group - stable base, long life, continuous R&D.

Save money - max value, min cost.

Basic info about NP8

Installation profile.

Lots of default config.

Contrib + custom modules.

Behat tests.

Interesting, non-conventional open source model?

Closed group open source.

Partners commit to invest.

~Quarterly meetings, priorities identified.

Discussions about publicly releasing it.

Strong community involvement

A lot core and contrib contributions happened as a direct result of the NP8.

MD Systems way™

Contributions on a daily basis - part of our culture.

Focused initiatives and sprints: search, media, paragraphs, CRM, ...

Internship program.


Pre-defined content types

  • News
  • Dossier
  • Galleries
  • Breaking news
  • User-generated content
  • Blog
  • ...

Complete paywall solution

statuses, access control, auto-update, payments

AD provider integrations

Adition, AdTech


Geo tagged content

taxonomy based


(Scheduled) newsletters

Multi-media asset handling

re-usable media, embedding, ...


Accellerated mobile pages


Improved contact forms


Auto (un)publishing

FAQ pages




Need more info?

For a private demo environment drop me an email:

Thank you! Questions?

Janez Urevc / @slashrsm /