Drupal 8 Media Status

Janez Urevc / @slashrsm / http://janezurevc.name


Janez Urevc (@slashrsm)

  • senior engineer and team lead at MD Systems
  • Active member of Drupal community since 2009
  • Lead of the D8 media initiative
  • ex Examiner.com

Among top contributors

  • our CTO (@berdir) is one of top 5 D8 contributors
  • D8 expert
  • D8 media expert - lots of media clients
  • 20% of every project to the community
  • http://www.md-systems.ch/en
  • Services include: Full projects, site audits, bootstrap weeks, support/consulting, architecture planning, ...

What is in Drupal 8?

  • CKEditor + Basic image upload
  • Basic file listing
  • Multi-upload

What we have in core

How to try all this great stuff?

What is happening in core?

  1. Move media entity in core (as "Media") [#2831274]
  2. Re-create current (images and files) functionality on top of Media entity [#2831936] and [#2831937]
  3. Add support for one "remote" video provider [#2831944]
  4. Implement media library using media entities [#2796001]

General plan issue [#2825215]

Want to help?

  • Let your developers work on core issues
  • Send them to sprints
  • Host a sprint
  • Fund other developers
  • Fund sprint costs (travel, accomodation, ...)


Thank you! Questions?

Janez Urevc / @slashrsm / http://janezurevc.name