The next generation embedding with Entity embed

Janez Urevc / @slashrsm /

Janez Urevc (@slashrsm)

  • senior engineer and team lead at MD Systems
  • Active member of Drupal community since 2009
  • Lead of the D8 media initiative
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Contents of the session

  • What we learned from Drupal 7?
  • What we have in Drupal 8 core?
  • Idea behind Entity embed
  • Architecture and patterns
  • Configuration
  • Entity browser integration
  • Roadmap

Drupal 7

  • Lots of WWYSIWYG editors
  • Each module implements embedding from scratch
  • There is no perfect implementation

What is in Drupal 8

CKEditor + Basic image upload


  • Way better than D7
  • Ability to align
  • Ability to add captions
  • File usage tracking
  • Leads the way for D8


  • Can only embed self-hosted images
  • No way to embed 3rd party images
  • No way to embed other rich media
  • No way to embed non-media
  • Little control over display

Anyone ever seen something like this?


Or this? Anyone?


Entity embed

  • Officially born at NYC Camp 2 years ago
  • Build on top of core's approach (uses same principles)
  • Embed anything
  • YouTube video (Media entity)

Entity embed (cont'd)

  • Self-hosted video (Media or File entity)
  • Related article (Node)
  • List of related articles (Taxonomy)
  • Related product (Commerce product)
  • Discussion thread (Comment)
  • You name it ....


3 levels:

  • WYSIWYG integration
  • storage
  • display

Architecture: WYSIWYG

Architecture: WYSIWYG

Works through Embed module

Architecture: storage

Custom HTML tag

Architecture: display

Text filters

Displaying of entities

We are re-using Entity reference field formatters.

Display: rendered entity

Display: field formatters


Entity browser integration

Entity browser integration

Entity browser is powerful but complex tool. Best to initially try it with File entity browser module.

It can make Entity embed's selection part way nicer.

File entity browser



beta release hopefully this week (1 beta blocker - almost there)

You can already use it!

Get involved!

#drupal-media @

There is more!

URL Embed

Status: Basic functionality

Allows embedding of URLs using the WYSIWYG or link fields.

Another DEMO!

Thank you! Questions?

Janez Urevc / @slashrsm /